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CPH Grooming

Joining the team of Copenhagen Grooming a few months before launching their brand and products to the world, I was entitled to Visual Communications & Branding Specialist to improve the overall look of content for eCommerce and social channels.

The big question was: "How I can communicate to an audience and convince them about buying a beard growth product?"

I have an example to answer that. I was lead on creating visual content for our marketing funnel that could convince and convert audiences into clients - you're thinking; "But isn't that what all marketers are trying to do?" Ofc, it is! I wanted the audience to relate to the person behind the screen, so didn't want to cast normal beard models, as I was sure that 90% of our clients were not rocking a full-blown beard like a typical beard model.

I took to the power of the people and started casting "normal" guys with a lack of beard growth. They would test and try our products and at the same time create content for us and our funnel. This concept combined with a strong digital presence proved us right and gave the brand a great push in the right direction. Back in 2018, we have seen big beauty brands do the same, but suddenly to implement this as a new beard brand in the grooming industry was different and kinda new. Great success! 


The term UGC (User Generated Content) is today a major content pillar for many brands. UGC makes your products relate, gives you an endorsement, and social proof to your brand. If you do not have people recommending or talking about your brand, then it is going to be hard to convince others about your great products. Selling a product to actually grow beards, you need the voices of the users. You need that endorsement.

Working in marketing as well as branding, content is one thing, the community is another. So I have one more example I want to share. As I see the community surrounding brands as a crucial factor to obtain knowledge and create customer relations, I wanted to create a platform where clients of CPH Groomings products could interact with each other and share their experiences, good and bad. These clients share the same dreams, so putting them together in a group made a lot of sense, as they can support one and another towards their end goals. I created the community group and concept "CG Inspire". It now has 12k+ users, generates client insights, creates UGC, and adds a layer of organic life and reach. A great value for both brand and the people. 

Year: 2018-2021

Superpowers: Visual Communications & Branding / Content Creation / UGC Creation‏

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