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Stories & Ink

The mission of Stories & Ink was clear. After a big round of re-branding, the founders were ready to take a new direction for tattoo skincare within its industry. 

We tagged along in the early stages supporting the brand with creative direction as well as content creation and production for eCommerce, social media, and paid acquisition.

As an agency, we're connected to Stories & Ink as their creatives and directors to improve their digital presence, support brand ideation and development, and overall improvement of eCommerce conversion.

Year: 2020 - Now

Superpowers: Creative Direction & Digital Strategy / Content Creation / UGC Direction / Web Design & UX / Creative Copy

“It’s great having such creative minds accessible to Stories & Ink as we grow. The founder has a focussed approach to brand building and a natural ability to get under the skin of both value proposition and customer journey. For us, we wanted someone who genuinely cares, understands best in class digital content, and doesn’t feel external (more in-house); you get all of this and more with this agency.”

- Stu Jolley, CO-Founder & MD, Stories & Ink

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